The December Social Media Give Away

One lucky person who LIKES and SHARES our give away trailer post on the SARAH COGDON FILMS Facebook page will win 3 Awesome gifts. The competition ends Sunday 10th December.

1. A copy of 'THE CHURCH ON THE OCEAN' film

2. A Zion Collection print

3. Ep Trilogy from Yakobo


Good Luck Everyone!

Mission Sunday

On the 26th June it was Mission Sunday at our Church. My pastor (Dave Ayling) spoke a great work which I thought was worth a re-post, with some of my notes.

Mission Sunday - what it means to go

  • Do you have an understanding that you are sent by God.

When your sent, you feel a responsibleity. We need to be overflowing with hope, kingdom minded and don't forget our identity. Its our faith not feeling. We will never stand by our feelings. Our world is dominated by our feelings.

We need to be "Shude as snakes, innocent as a dove"

  • Going is about bringing good news to carry

If you've run out of good news how can you pour it out? Titus 3:4-7. 

We have been created to do good thing. 

We need to have love for one another.

How are we loving our brothers and sisters?

We being good news by sharing the truth

  • We need to rely on the promises of God. 

He's with us. He is going to come again. 

Review quotes

Here are a few quotes from people who have watch the film. I will keep adding them here as they come in. I love to hear feedback and I have had some great stuff so far. If you would like to send me yours please send to


So it's a very exciting day. I get to make my film available for the public, AKA you guys!!! It's been a long time coming, people gave up asking me "is it done yet?" it's taken me so long. This adventure has grown into something I never thought was in me... a feature film, and believe me it took EVERYTHING to make it happen. But now finally you can watch and enjoy.


UK Pre-release screening

Saturday I had a screening for my Kickstarter backers, who backed me almost two years ago. How time flies! I screened my film in France in December and I have to say I was a little less nervous this time. It was great to see so many faces and also show them what their money helped to make. It was also great to show my parents as this was the first time they had seen the film. The film went down really really well and I am excited for the actual film release in a few days time.